Energy saving

Ventilation system modernization, energy saving

We would like to introduce you a totally new and energy-saving ventilation solution, which maximizes the use of natural energy; it has a very minimal maintenance-requirement, yet it can perfectly satisfy the volume of air needed in residential spaces.

forgato fejThe commercially available air-current intensifier, that had further been developed and tested by our company for more than 4 years, is a continuous, non-motorized ventilation system, which can perfectly be used in panel V or X-storey buildings, instead of the electric ventilation devices. The huge advantage of the air-current intensifier in addition to energy saving is, that it works almost continuously regardless of the season, and it insures constant air supply, contrary to the electric fans which are functioning fractionally and are currently being used in many places.

We would like to extend this solution in the largest possible scope, since good ventilation, fresh air and the reduction of the already high costs are all important to everyone.

forgato fejekThe installation of it requires minimal alteration of the roof ventilators and it does not require building permission. Aesthetic form, construction made of aluminum or stainless steel, or any color of the spectrum is all optional to the client.